Whimsy Jewellery Design


Q: I like a necklace. Now what?

 A: The price you see is the price you pay.Taxes and shipping are included within North America. UK and Australia. Please contact me prior to ordering for other pricing. Payment is via paypal, if you don't have an account it is simple to sign up and get one or you can use your credit card via paypal.

 Q: Will my jewellery arrive quickly and in one piece?

 A: I try to get the jewellery mailed the day I get the order, so yes, it comes quickly. I wrap the piece in tissue and use a padded envelope and have never had a problem, even when mailing overseas.

 Q: Um, I don't understand necklace lengths!

 A: The standards are:

 collar:12-13", wraps around the neck

 choker:14-16", sits on collarbone, suits almost any style of neckline

 princess:17-19", sits mid chest, suits crew, low and high necklines

 matinee:20-24", sits shoulder height, or just below

 opera:28-34"  sits mid  above waist

 rope:over 45" sits at the waist

 Q: And bracelets?

 A: 7 1/2 "s considered a medium size wrist and is the most common size .

 Q: Do you do custom work?

 A: Alot of jewellery artists do not enjoy this type of work, but I actually do, very much , like to match jewellery to what I know of a person.Sort of a psychological exercise!

 Q :I have an old necklace that is really dated (read:ugly) HELP.

 A: I love, love love solving this one... I have re-worked stuff for friends and added this, removed that and made a brand new piece of jewellery.

 Q: I am confused..what is the difference between vintage and recycled/reworked?

A: Vintage is  uncirculated (unused) stock from all over the world. Some is nearly 100 years old. Recycled/reworked is vintage gently used materials, carefully cleaned and sorted.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Yes, but please do treat your jewellery gently. Don't tug at it , wear it to bed or in the shower,and  particularly don't ( ever) wash it  in the dishwasher (you'd be surprised..well, I hope you are.)And please remember that children ,people with diminished capacity and pets may not use jewellery as intended. Items sold  by Whimsy Jewellery Design are meant to be used by responsible persons with full capacity to understand the dangers that misuse can result in. How sad that I have to write such a thing.

Q: Do you donate to charitable causes/silent auctions?

A: Yes! So far I have supported various fundraisers for breast cancer research, an MS fundraiser, dog rescue fundraisers, United Way, Heart Place Cancer Support Centre and more.... I believe in "giving back". If you have a silent auction coming up, please contact me.


Q: How do I clean my jewellery?

A: Sterling and other metals can be cleaned with a polishing cloth(available at jewellers, bead stores, even some grocers and Mart type stores). Beads etc. can be very gently  wiped with a damp cloth.Please don't use harsh cleansers, wash in hot water or do anything you wouldn't do to your fine jewellery.