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Daniel wrote on January 20,2020
Thank you for the work!
URL: http://dtxlandscaping.com

Alex wrote on January 20,2020
These are incredible designs! Love it!!
URL: http://https://www.dtxlandscaping.com/

Janice wrote on September 18,2019
Okay I'm in love with all your pieces. I want to buy them all, LOL
URL: http://www.innisfiltreeservice.com

Jill wrote on September 9,2019
Tracy you have some wonderful creations here. Keep up the amzing work.
URL: http://https://www.carwrapshamilton.com/

Julian wrote on July 22,2019
You have some incredibly lovely designs on here! Great work!
URL: http://https://www.dumpyourjunkremovals.com/

Pharma186 wrote on May 19,2016
Very nice site!
URL: http://ypxaieo2.com/rrqsao/5.html

Carol Hobson wrote on March 6,2016 about this piece
As a person living with multiple myeloma, I tried to order one of your bracelets but didn't finalize the order when I realized there was no place for size option. Please advise me as to how to do this. Thank you.

James E. Lee wrote on March 3,2016 about this piece
Just ordered 1 of key for a cure & didn't see a place to state size. Could you make it 7&1/4" to allow a little more room ?

dee petersen wrote on January 3,2016
Bracelet is beautiful.How to order with sterling silver and multiple myeloma beads.?

Erin Thornton wrote on November 5,2012
Love, love, love. That says a lot. Only jewellery I have ever bought and wear. Wonderful gifts as well.

Heather Garrett wrote on September 21,2012
Tracy, people keep raving about the pieces you designed. I have been asked by strangers where they're from. There is no question, they're art. Cheers, Heather

Myrna Hayes wrote on August 24,2012
Hi Tracy:

You make beautiful jewellery! I wish you continued success.

crafting wrote on August 23,2012
I have a vintage necklace I belive from the 20 or 30's it is a blue green glass snake.
URL: http://www.wholesalepandorabeadsca.com/

Good wrote on August 14,2012
Good for you, Tracy... Keep on working!
URL: http://www.wholesalejewelrys.net

Jennifer Darby wrote on January 18,2012
Tracy - I love all of your work and am so thankful to own many peices of your beautiful, unique jewellery. You are so talented and I hope you keep crafting your whimsical designs for many years to come!!

Barbara blower wrote on January 4,2012
I wear my "Life on a Neclace" piece that Tracy designed from my treasures all the time and always have lots of admiring glances. As much for the fabulous idea as for the beautiful design work. My daughters think it's so nice to see again all the little trinkets thay have given me for 30 years worth of birthday and mother's days. Thank you so much Tracy. I truly wear your work of "ART" with the greatest of pleasure.

Lorelyne McMahon wrote on January 10,2011
I've just bought two of your " Regal Royals " necklaces ( one for myself and one for my mother-in-law who had to have one as soon as she saw mine ! ) and must say that I am so entirely delighted with them ! I absolutely love mine and get compliments everytime I wear it ! Thank you so much !!!

Kristie Finney wrote on December 7,2009
Cute jewelry! I found this website from face book.
URL: http://facebook.com

mary wrote on March 21,2009
I have a vintage necklace I belive from the 20 or 30's it is a blue green glass snake. It fell apart and I lost some of the lg seed beads and would to match the color and size so I can restring to orignal shape.Mary k

Maryan Carlin wrote on March 13,2009
Tracy, your website looks great - I'm impressed. Wishing you every success.

shelley wrote on February 2,2009
I saw you today @ small dog meetup.Nice jewellery

Alison Layton wrote on January 29,2009
I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. ~Maya Angelou

Tracy...FAB job! Now even more people will have the opportunity to add a little "whimsy" to their life and at the same time support something close to your heart. You go girl!

Jennifer Darby wrote on January 29,2009
WOW, this is AWESOME, great job Tracy!!!! I'm so happy that you have your website up! I LOVE IT!

Beth Russell wrote on January 24,2009
Good for you, Tracy... Keep on working! Thanks for the link.
URL: http://www.duchessofwire.blogspot.com/